Battle For The Sun
Album lyrics Placebo

Release date: June 2009

Battle for the Sun is the sixth studio album by the alternative rock band Placebo. David Bottrill produced the record, after having previously worked with Tool, Muse, Silverchair, Remy Zero and dEUS. James Brown, who worked on the band's 2006 album Meds, engineered. It is also the first album with the new drummer, Steve Forrest. Recording took place in Metalworks Studios, Toronto, Canada.

On Battle for the Sun, the band utilize new instruments, such as trumpets and saxophones. Molko even experimented with the Springtime (experimental electric guitar made by Yuri Landman). In contradiction to the video images where Molko plays the chorus of Come Undone with it, the instrument is not actually used on the released track. The material has influences from such bands as PJ Harvey and My Bloody Valentine. It is a heavier-sounding record compared to its predecessor. Frontman Brian Molko said on the concept of the album:" We've made a record about choosing life, about choosing to live, about stepping out of the darkness and into the light. Not necessarily turning your back on the darkness because it's there, it's essential; it's a part of who you are, but more about the choice of standing in the sunlight instead."

Molko has also stated that Battle for the Sun is the band's first album with a discernible thematic unity. Molko states that his favourite track from the album is "Speak in Tongues".

The mastered album features a slight peculiarity on track 9 ("Julien"): the vocals are doubled for a short duration, with a phrase, sung in low volume, preceding itself. This apparently stems from an error in either the mixing or mastering stage; for the end user, it can be revealed by using a high-impedance monitor or headphone.

The album was released as a download, CD, limited edition CD + DVD, LP, and a limited edition box set.