One Worship Vol. 2
Album lyrics One Worship

Release date: January 2013

One Worship Vol. 2 is an album by One (Ongoing, Never-ending, Everlasting) Worship, released on January 8, 2013 through DREAM Records.

"We are honored to be pushing such a great project. The heart of One Worship has clearly made a strong connection with listeners and is reflected in the number of sales, as well as the reaction of their fan base, who love and support them as much as we do here at DREAM," said DREAM Records GM, Lance Brown. "This album is filled with amazing and heartwarming songs that are well produced and lyrically inspiring. It is an absolute pleasure to work with the team at their church, In His Presence, as we continue to implement great strategies to bring the message of the Gospel everywhere!"

"We live to give glory to God, and this is one more awesome opportunity to do just that!" said Pastor Debra Arnott, lead vocalist for One Worship. "I did a happy dance in the office and then looked around to make sure there were no cameras!" One Worship Vol. 2 boasts 14 original tracks that transport the listener directly into the Presence of God. The unique sound of One Worship is represented by a vast array of musical styles, and invites worshipers to enter in and experience true freedom and peace. Led by worship Pastor, Debra Arnott, and In His Presence Church senior Pastor, Mel Ayres, One Worship's multi-cultural music has already reached far beyond the four walls of the church, into the nation, and across the world.


Album cover

One Worship One Worship Vol. 2 album cover