Ya Tabtab...Wa Dallaa
Album lyrics Nancy Ajram

Release date: February 2006

"Ya Tabtab...Wa Dallaa" (Arabic: "يا طبطب ... ودلع") (English: "I Pat & Spoil") is Nancy Ajram's fifth album. It was released on February 15, 2006, and was a best-seller immediately. The album was not produced by Megastar / Relax-In as usual. Nancy & Jiji Lamara produced this album, and sold it to "ArtLine Music", a new company that distributed the album. The album is a unique work in the Arabic Music industry as well as in Nancy's career, as most of the songs were hits that achieved huge success. Out of 11 tracks, Nancy filmed 6 videos, 9 songs were huge hits on radio stations, 2 songs were the Coca-Cola song of the season, and 2 were used to advertise for Gold Council & Damas Jewelry.

In "Ya Tabtab Wa Dallaa", Nancy cooperated with the greatest names in the Arabic music industry, like:

- Sameer Sfeir: only one song in this album, but it is one of the greatest unforgettable hits. Previous songs for Nancy: "Inta Eih", "Gayyin Ye2ulouli", "La Teloom" from her hit album Ah W Noss, and "Yey (Sehr 3youno)" from Ya Salam. Sameer Sfeir has been composing the greatest Arabic hits for more than 25 years, and he takes part of the credit of the birth of stars like Nawal elZoghbi, Assi elHellani, and Wael Kfouri.

- Tarek Madkour: who arranged 5 songs in the album, and composed Atabtab. Madkoor has previously composed Nancy's famous hit song Ah W Noss, and has arranged: "Yey", "Inta Eih", "Oul Tany Kida", and of course "Ah W Noss". Tareq has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and started his work with Amr Diab, an old friend that he still does songs for. Most of the greatest Arabic hits hold his signature.

- Waleed Saed: leading Egyptian composer, composed 3 songs in the album, Moegaba, Sabrak Alayya and Elli Kan. Previously composed "Hobbak Leyya", a slow song from Ah W Noss and "Ana Masri", Nancy's song for Egypt. Elli Kan has Saed's clear Tarab and sad touch seen in works for Assala (Asfa), or Misheet Khalas (Wael Jassar) and even the legendary Warda.

- Yaagoub elKhoubeizi is the only Khaleeji composer with the only Khaleeji song Mishtaga Leik; it's his first cooperation with Nancy. He has previously worked with Assala and Nawal elZoghbi.

- Salim Salama, who previously composed Nancy's first best selling album's title "Ya Salam", with "Ahla Jaw" and "Nasseito Garho" , and Hadi Charara (award-winning Lebanese music arranger - Ehsas Jdeed)

- Hassan Abou-elSaoud, the late president of the Egyptian Music Association.

- Mhd. Saed, who composed Nancy's fame debut hit "Akhasmak Ah", and Nancy's first Coke hit "Oul Tany Kida.

- Mhd. Mustafa, Egyptian music arranger for more than 20 years.

- Suheil Fares, who made most of the songs in Nancy's album "Sheel 3younak 3anni" before she stepped into fame, and to whom she still shows loyalty.

"Ya Tabtab...Wa Dallaa" is notable for the use of many of its songs as commercials.

- November 24, 2005: Nancy's 4th Coca-Cola Commercial, "Moegaba" came 3 months before the album's release. The circus 'Moulin Rouge' theme of the commercial was continued later on in a video for Moegaba that was released on March 19, 2006.

- February 4, 2006: Nancy's first commercial for the World Gold Council & Damas Jewelry Farfasha collection, that needed a popular fun song like "Ana Yalli", to help promote the album 10 days before its release.

- July 10, 2006: Nancy's 5th Coca-Cola commercial, "Ashtiki Minno" was the 4th hit of the album.

- May 2007: Nancy's second Gold-Damas Farfasha commercial, "Elli Kan" came a few weeks before the video's release on June 3, along with an advertising campaign.

- September 17, 2007: Mahmoud Saeed & Casanova launch "Mishtaga Leik" perfume, 2 months before the video's release.