Shakhbat Shakhabit
Album lyrics Nancy Ajram

Release date: October 2007

"Shakhbet Shakhabeet" (Arabic: "شخبط شخابيط") (English: "Scribbled Scribbles") is an album by the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram. It was released in 2007 exclusively for kids, after Ajram discovered that they were a large part of her fan base. Nancy has always wanted to dedicate a work for children in her life,so Nabil El Chami told her to do this, and the album and video came as an important step in her career. The video, directed by Said elMarouk after "Ehsas Jdeed"'s success with Nancy, was the biggest budget out of all of her clips. It included four songs, "Shakhbat Shakhabit", "Katkouta", "Shater", and "Eid Milad" in the credits. The production of the album created a buzz in the Arab music industry, as several producing companies fell into exclusive-rights arguments with each other for its production.

The album & video were the most notable and successful work for children at the time, following a huge wave of works directed to children. The reason for this could be the fact that it was purely meant for children, unlike children works by other singers that included sexual content for adults. The video was also the only music video broadcast on MBC's children's channel, MBC 3. On the third anniversary of the channel, Nancy hosted the live children's event as she performed "Shakhbat", "Shater", and "Eid Milad". It's worth mentioning that Shakhbat Shakhabit surpassed Nancy's expectations, because it achieved huge success even among adults. Shakhbat & Shater were the most successfull songs on the album. However, all of the songs were played in schools and reached children all over the Arab world.

Shakhabit also includes a song about World Peace, called "Resala lel3alam" (A Message to the World). It was filmed in complete secrecy with Fadi Haddad, in a first cooperation with Nancy, using techniques newly introduced to the Arab world. The video, which portrays peace issues of the Arab world and its children, is expected to be aired on all satellite channels, including news channel Al Arabia. The video was released on May 25, 2008, the day the Lebanese president General Michel Suleiman was elected ending a deadlock that lasted since November. It was the first video for Nancy that had an entirely graphical world that implied the suffering of children worldwide and the need to bring out a more colorful and happy world for them, like the one in the video. Old rumors claimed that the video will be presented to the UNICEF.