Betfakkar Fi Eih?!
Album lyrics Nancy Ajram

Release date: July 2008

"Betfakkar Fi Eih" (Arabic: "بتفَكّر في إيه؟") (English: "What Are You Thinking About") is Nancy Ajram's seventh and multi-award winning album. It earned the World Music Award of 2008, which was Nancy's first in her career. The album , produced by In2Musica and distributed by Melody Music, spawned seven singles, ten radio hits, and six music videos. This album had a much more mature theme for Nancy, a necessary thing for her career as media and fans have requested this after her previous album dedicated to children came out. Betfakar Fi Eih came two years and a half after Ya Tabtab Wa Dalla, and the long-awaited comeback album held huge change in Nancy's style presenting her matured vocal abilities in a much clearer way than her previous albums. It has a wide mix of several different styles ranging from dance, beat, pop, to drama, romance, Tarab and oldies.

Nancy chose the album title track "Betfakkar Fi Eih" (What Are You Thinking About) because its meaning described the change in the album. The first preview of the album was from the hit "Meen Ghairy Ana" in Nancy's three part Coke commercial, which served as a very successful promotion 5 months before release. Even though "Meen Ghairy Ana" is considered by many to be the smash hit of the album, the choice of the lead single was to be the album title track as usual, which did not satisfy all critics. Along with the album's release came a high-budget video for Betfakkar Fi Eih with hi-tech effects that marked a first in the Arab world.

In Betfakkar Fi Eih, Nancy performed the widest variety of styles in comparison with her previous albums, many of which were completely new to her. To categorize the most significant:
- Pop/Beat: Betfakkar Fi Eih, Meen Ghayri Ana, Min Dally Nseek, Mashi Haddi
- Egyptian/Bellydance/Maksoum: Sahharny Sahhar, Baladiyyat, Ibn elGiran
- Slow (Romance): Wana Bin Idek (Western)
- Slow (Drama): Zaman Kan Andi Alb, Lamset Eed
Khaliji (Gulf): Khaffef
- Tarab/Modern Tarab: Bteegy Sirtak, Safer
- Oldies Pop: Mashi Haddi (80's Lebanese pop), Ibn elGiran (includes short "Mawwal")

"Betfakkar Fi Eih" is considered one of Nancy's most successful albums to date as it won her first World Music Award after seven albums. Betfakkar Fi Eih was the most selling album in the Arab world (Middle East and North Africa) for the year 2008, even though there were huge competitors at that same year including Nawal Al Zoghbi, Elissa, Ragheb Alama, Tamer Hosny, Samira Said, Marwan Khoury, Myriam Fares, Haifa Wehbe, Mohamed Hamaki, Amal Hijazi, all of whom released comeback albums in the same year. In addition to the WMA, another award the album won was the Student's Choice Award based on a voting survey carried between over 8,000 Lebanese college students who voted it as album of the year. "Betfakkar Fi Eih" peaked at no.1 for 7 consecutive weeks in Beirut Virgin, and still continues to top charts around the Arab world, occuping no.1 in Weekly Sales Charts numerous times in Beirut, Dubai, Egypt, Syria & Jordan, and online sources.

In the lead hit video, prominent director Said el Marouk was thoroughly criticized for focusing on high-level effects and styles rather than a coherent storyboard for the clip. However, Betfakkar Fi Eih was nevertheless voted no.2 for the best video of 2008 in an online survey by Stars Cafe.

Meen Dally Nseek on the other hand, which came three months later and also by Saeed, peaked at no.1 for seven consecutive weeks in Melody Hits' Top Music Videos and Top Songs (both categories).

Two months upon release, many then-unfilmed songs achieved huge success among the public and acquired "smash-hit status", including the album's promo song 5 months pre-release, "Meen Ghayri Ana", as well as the instant radio-hits "Lamset Eed", "Mashi Haddi", "Wana Bin Idek", "Sahharny Sahhar", and the first two singles, "Betfakkar Fi Eih" and "Min Dally Nseek". Due to huge amount of video requests for different songs, Nancy announced that she will be filming about 10 music videos from the 14 songs of the album.

Betfakkar Fi Eih broke the record in Hitmarker's Top 10 best-selling Arabic album charts by remaining for 48 consecutive weeks in the list. The album's singles and music videos have all reached no.1 spots at Hitmarker, the only official pan-Arab music charts that are the trusted source for the WMA's.