Ah W Noss
Album lyrics Nancy Ajram

Release date: August 2004

Ah W Noss (Arabic: آه ونص‎) (English : Yeah and a Half) is the 2004 hit album from Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram. This was the follow-up project to 2003's Ya Salam. In 2003, the album launched Nancy Ajram to the heights of Arab music, thanks to a string of hit singles which have become part of pop culture today. Naturally, there was pressure for this album to achieve the same success as its predecessor had done.

The lead single Ah W Noss, went on to achieve massive airplay and video time on the major music channels, commanding the top spot for several weeks. The album was a big hit, on the strength of the lead single. Summer 2004 saw Nancy launch a major world tour on the strength of her new single. In late 2004, Ajram became the Middle Eastern face of Coca-Cola, which opened a whole new promotional phase for the young starlet.