Album lyrics Nancy Ajram

Release date: September 2010

7 is the seventh studio album by Lebanese recording artist Nancy Ajram, released on September 6, 2010. With this album, Ajram explores a new range of sounds and genres for the first time, more than she did in any of her previous albums. 7 was coproduced by In2Musica and Arabica Music.

Nancy gave the first preview of the album during Nichan's show "Akid Akid Maestro" in Ramadan 2009 when she sang parts of two songs, "Sallemooly 3aleih" and "Sheikh elShabab". The former was excluded from the album, and was released as a single at the 2010 New Year's Eve, and achieved huge success among Arab radio stations. This was Nancy's first cooperation with Egyptian producer Tamim, who did the arrangements for three songs of the album. Nancy then announced she will be singing a song that refers to her relationship with her parents and child, "Hkayat el Deni" (Stories of Life), previously named "Ghafwet Eini". News of "Bayyaa' we Shater" was also announced beforehand, as it was previously known as "Assly". The album was rumored to have been titled "BelHadawa" which was to be the album's lead single. However, the song leaked unofficially several months before release and the lead single had changed. In her appearance on "Khaleek Bel Beit" with Zahi Wehbi, Nancy explained: "My album will include many new changes. There will be a shift to more serious songs in terms of lyrical content, as well generally calmer music with both modern and traditional sounds. However, I will remain true to my same identity for which my fans like my music most, which is fast, upbeat songs."

Initially, the album title was rumored to have changed from "BelHadawa" (which leaked months before release) to "Einy Aleik". A few weeks before release, however, it was announced that the final decided album title was "7", marking Nancy's seventh studio album in her career.

Early responses for the album favored its variety of genres and themes. Critics also welcomed the traditional vibe that Nancy has maintained since 2003 and still maintains to date, but still explores new musical styles and subjects.The album sold 500,000 in its first week.

Both the album and lead single, "Fi Hagat", debuted at number 1 at the Hitmarker charts upon release. The album has received widely positive reviews across the media and internet, and was previewed three days prior to release on the popular Arabic music site FunkyPharaoh. Blogger and head DJ Man De Lev discussed the album's various songs in great detail and praised Nancy for her beautiful mix of styles in the album. He also highlighted Mohamed Rahim to be the star composer of the Album and Tamim to be the star arranger. The album was given an overall rating of 4 out of 5.

Beljaw online music magazine gave the album a positive review saying, "The songs that were sent to radio warn from a new storm of successes for Nancy, who obviously delivers only special work to her fans, no matter how big her success grows."

The album has so far sold nearly a million copies worldwide. It debuted atop the Virgin Megastore physical sales chart in more than 5 Arab regions, including Lebanon, where it occupied the apex for six consecutive weeks and became one of the best selling albums of 2010.

The album spent eight consecutive weeks atop the Virgin Megastore physical sales chart in Lebanon, before being knocked off the top by Fairouz's final album Eh.. Fi Amal. HiTMARKER Albums Chart, for sales around the Arab World was topped for eleven consecutive weeks by 7. Fi hagat qualified as a megahit is topping Hitmarker Songs Chart for eleven consecutive weeks beating a new record. The album is also topping Mawaly Albums Chart for 12 consecutive weeks, and Fi Hagat is topping Mawaly Songs Chart for 11 consecutive weeks.