Soundtrack To The Struggle
Album lyrics Lowkey

Release date: October 2011

Soundtrack to the Struggle is the second studio album by rapper Lowkey, released on October 16, 2011. Four singles have been released in preparation of the album from 2009 to 2010. The album entered the UK Albums Chart at number 57 on October 23, 2011 - becoming Lowkey's first national chart entry.

While discussing the name of the album to BBC Radio 1Xtra presenter Charlie Sloth, Lowkey said: "It comes from my position in the game is as an artist, trying to do my thing independently. It is a struggle - it's not easy. We have barriers placed in front of us at every single level. And so we have to fight for everything we get. As an artist I've never had anything put on a plate for me. I've had to struggle to put my music out there." And also added that; "it's about the widest struggle that I am part of, which what I feel is to wake people up to the humanity of people that we are sort of encouraged to ignore every day."

On the subject of the album, Lowkey commented that: "The album has just got a lot of heartfelt music that is really and truly an expression of me. Say I died tomorrow, I want this album to be the last thing I say to the world and I want people to remember it and to recognize it as me. No one else." Later on he added "This album might change how people see the music industry and how its been destroyed, please wake up."


Album cover

Lowkey Soundtrack To The Struggle album cover