Listen To Little Red
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Release date: June 2008

Australian rock band Little Red's first album, Listen to Little Red, was released on the band's own imprint - Hooch Hound Records (named after a song that didn't make it onto the album) through Shock Records on the 28th June 2008. Listen to Little Red entered the Australian Top 50 albums chart at #29.

Little Red's songs "Coca-Cola" and "Witchdoctor" have all received regular play on Australian nation-wide radio station Triple J, while "Coca-Cola" was also included on the official soundtrack of Australian TV series Underbelly, and was voted #47 on the 2008 Triple J Hottest 100.

The album was licensed for release outside of Australia by the UK independent Lucky Number Music and was released on November 16, 2009 in the UK and early 2010 internationally.


  • 1.Coca Cola
  • 2.Witchdoctor
  • 3.Misty, I
  • 4.Speedo
  • 5.Fool
  • 6.Little Annie
  • 7.It's Alright
  • 8.So Long
  • 9.Stare In Love
  • 10.She's Not The Only One
  • 11.Jackie Cooper
  • 12.If You're Lonely
  • 13.Believe In Your Man
  • 14.Isabella
  • 15.Fight Song
  • 16.Autumn Leaves

Album cover

Little Red Listen To Little Red album cover