No Elephants
Album lyrics Lisa Germano

Release date: February 2013

No Elephants is the tenth studio album by American singer/songwriter Lisa Germano, released on February 12, 2012 through Badman Recording. The project, her first since 2009's Magic Neighbor, was produced and engineered by Jamie Candiloro.

Like her other nine albums, no elephants is made like a book to read to the end. There is foreshadowing from melodies and ideas that weave the record's story together, and it takes time and imagination from the reader/listener. Unfortunately, few people these days take the time to make or listen to an album created as a whole piece, but no elephants is short and worthy of the attention paid. "Making a record any other way doesn't work for me," said Germano.

"My communication with myself, the earth and its beings is getting weirder every day," commented Germano. "If I could replace all the shit in my head, my troubles relating to humans and the earth's beings' troubles relating back to me...I think that's what this record is about."


Album cover

Lisa Germano No Elephants album cover