A Day For The Hunter, A Day For The Prey
Album lyrics Leyla McCalla

Release date: May 27, 2012

Label: Discograph, Jazz Village

Produced by: Leyla McCalla

A Day For The Hunter, A Day For The Prey is the second studio album by Haitian-American classical and folk musician, Leyla McCalla, released on May 27, 2106 through Discograph and Jazz Village (Harmonia Mundi). The album was produced by Leyla McCalla and was recorded November, 2015 at Dockside Studios in Maurice, Los Angeles and The Music Shed in New Orleans, Los Angeles; it was engineered and mixed by Justin Tocket and Ben Lorio on Manman.

The album's title comes from an Haitian proverb; Leyla elaborated in an interview with NPR: "'A Day For The Hunter, A Day For The Prey' is a phrase that immediately caught me and had my mind turning from the moment that I laid eyes on the Gage Averill book of the same name. On one level, I heard it as one day for the oppressor and one day for the oppressed, a phrase that only survival during the colonial times of slavery could have produced. On another level, it made me think of the roles that we all play throughout our lifetimes, how we are all trying to navigate our way through this world where sometimes it feels as though we are the hunter, and sometimes we are the prey. This especially rang true as I feel like we live in a society that tells us that we need to do all these things to take care of ourselves and our families but then hardly gives us the resources to achieve those goals."


Album cover

Leyla McCalla A Day For The Hunter, A Day For The Prey album cover