Various Positions
Album lyrics Leonard Cohen

Release date: December 1984

Various Positions, the seventh studio album by Leonard Cohen, was released in December 1984 in Canada and in February 1985 in U.S. It marked not only Cohen's turn to the modern sound and use of synthesizers (particularly on the opening track), but also - after her work on harmonies and background vocals on the previous Recent Songs (1979) - an even greater contribution from Jennifer Warnes, who is credited equally to Cohen as vocalist on all of the tracks.

After the abandoned 1975 project Songs for Rebecca Cohen again joined forces with producer John Lissauer. However, Cohen's label Columbia Records refused to release Various Positions in the United States. Walter Yetnikoff, president of the company, called him to his office in New York and said, "Look, Leonard; we know you're great, but we don't know if you're any good". It was subsequently picked up by the independent label Passport Records. The album was finally included in the catalogue in 1990 when Columbia released the Cohen discography on compact disc. A remastered CD was issued in 1995.

Various Positions includes "Hallelujah," which has since become one of Cohen's best-known, best-loved songs and has been covered by over 150 artists including Jeff Buckley, Willie Nelson and Bono.