I'm Your Man
Album lyrics Leonard Cohen

Release date: February 1988

I'm Your Man is a 1988 album by Leonard Cohen. The album marked Cohen's further move to a more modern sound, with many songs having a synthpop production.

The song "Everybody Knows" was one of Cohen's first writing collaborations with Sharon Robinson, who would become a frequent collaborator in the future. Most notably, Robinson co-wrote every song on Cohen's 2001 outing Ten New Songs.

In "Tower of Song", Cohen discusses songwriting and acknowledges the influence of Hank Williams ("a hundred floors above me").

"I'm Your Man" was number 1 in Norway for 16 weeks. The album is silver in the UK and gold in Canada.

It was ranked 51 on Pitchfork Media's list of the 100 best albums of the 1980s. Tom Waits has named it one of his favourite albums.

Nick Cave performed the song "I'm Your Man" in the film "Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man".