Once I Was An Eagle
Album lyrics Laura Marling

Release date: May 2013

Once I Was an Eagle is the fourth album by British singer-songwriter Laura Marling, released on May 27, 2013 through Virgin Records. Unlike her previous three albums, she chose not to work with a band, and instead enlisted the help of producer Ethan Johns and cellist, Ruth de Turberville, to assist with album's production. Marling recorded the album in 10 days at Three Crows studio in Bath, England.

In an interview with Tom Lanham of the San Francisco Examiner, Marling said that the album "follows a central character wandering through a gray landscape, and all the while she's followed by this silent bird, which doesn't come into play until the end of the album, when it hurts its wing and falls at her feet. And she finds a reason for living in saving this bird, and — once its wing is fixed — she sends it off to an unknown person across the sea, whom she can see but can't speak to."