Wakin On A Pretty Daze
Album lyrics Kurt Vile

Release date: April 2013

Wakin on a Pretty Daze is the fifth studio album by American indie rock musician Kurt Vile, released on April 9, 2013 on Matador Records. Produced by both John Agnello and Kurt Vile & the Violators, the album is the first not to feature contributions from long-time collaborator and former bandmate Adam Granduciel.

Regarding the album's title, which is a pun on the album's first track, "Wakin on a Pretty Day", Vile noted, "It's probably the most simple title that I ever had. It's like the simplest pun ever. It rolls off the tongue, but also it's the kind of thing, once you have the record, you'll understand. The first song on the record is called "Wakin on a Pretty Day", which is like the tone setter. It's not just an album you name after one of the songs, that you just morph it a little bit. The whole general thing is one long daze, and that's waking up."

Regarding the album's thematic and lyrical content, Vile stated, "It's just about my life, without thinking too much about it. I feel comfortable with the lyrics. I think myself and my bandmates, my close bandmates, Rob and Jesse, they're right there with me. We all live it."

Wakin on a Pretty Daze reached number forty-seven on the Billboard 200 and forty-one on the UK Albums Chart.


Album cover

Kurt Vile Wakin On A Pretty Daze album cover