Without Regret
Album lyrics Kimberly Caldwell

Release date: April 2011

Without Regret is the debut album from American Idol season two seventh place finalist, Kimberly Caldwell. The album was supposed to be released on April 6, 2010 by Vanguard Records and Capitol Records, but according to Caldwell's website and YouTube channel, the album was pushed back to a July 2010 release date. It was then pushed back again until December 31, 2010. After a fourth delay the album was finally released on April 19, 2011.

"Putting out my debut album is the ultimate dream come true," says Kimberly Caldwell about her debut album Without Regret. "I've been a performer my entire life and everything I've done has led up to this moment. I'm looking forward to people finally getting to know the real me, because I'm laying it all out there for them on this album."

To help her deliver the authentic vocal performances she knew the songs on the album required, Caldwell turned to producer Marshall Altman who has worked with singer-songwriters Matt Nathanson, Marc Broussard, and Kate Voegele, among others. "Marshall was amazing because he really welcomed all the emotion that went into making this record," Caldwell says. "He taught me to embrace the imperfections — to stop worrying about every note being perfect and just let go."

"The most important thing," Caldwell says, "is that I jumped over to the fearless side. This album is my first step in allowing people to know 'I've been where you are, I hurt like you do, but I've turned it around and made something positive moving forward and so can you.'"


Album cover

Kimberly Caldwell Without Regret album cover