Release date: July 2013

Home is the first studio album by Kim Walker-Smith and her husband Skyler Smith, released on July 17, 2013. Produced by Jeremy Edwardson and Jason Borneman, Home is a labor of love, fusing together two very different approaches and personalities into one unified sound. Eleven of the twelve tracks were written collaboratively by Skyler and Kim, the one exception being "Christ the Rock," penned by a dear friend of Kim's.

"Calling this album Home took on so many meanings as the project progressed," explained Skyler. "We've always traveled so much, we've know that 'home' would have to be wherever we found ourselves. We didn't want to force anything, but we wanted to come together as a couple and say something personal and honest about our lives in relationship with each other and in relationship with God."


Album cover

Kim Walker-Smith & Skyler Smith Home album cover