Album lyrics Keaton Henson

Release date: March 2012

Dear... is the debut studio album by London based singer-songwriter, Keaton Henson, released on March 30, 2012. This record was recorded in his apartment which is located directly under the flight path near Heathrow Airport. As a result Keaton was forced to work out the flight timetable and record the majority of the songs for Dear... in the three minutes or so between planes. However, on some tracks you can still hear a plane approach towards the end of the song. In addition, he recorded all percussion for the album utilizing just one cupboard in his apartment. For the various percussive sounds on the album, Keaton used his cupboard is different ways (i.e. - slamming it shut, hitting it, and creaking the door). Another interesting fact about the recording of Dear... is that all the whistling sounds that can be heard were made using wine glasses filled to different heights.


Album cover

Keaton Henson Dear... album cover