The House
Album lyrics Katie Melua

Release date: May 2010

The House is the fourth studio album by the Georgian-born British singer-songwriter Katie Melua, and was released on 24 May 2010. This is Melua's first studio album not to be produced by Mike Batt.

Recorded at Air Studios in London, the new album is produced by William Orbit and sees Katie writing on her own and with Guy Chambers, Rick Nowels, Mike Batt and singer-songwriter and long-time friend Polly Scattergood. The resulting album, entitled 'The House' has been described as sonically epic, adventurous and dramatic and, whilst appealing to Katie's fans, also promises to draw a new audience.

"In addition to being inspired by the values in music from the past, I wanted to embrace the future. First, by accepting the values that are treasured more in music today and by projecting them forward. I found if you went far enough in both directions you end up in the same place. This thought was so liberating it enabled me to be a lot more fearless with expressing emotions, with challenging conventional structures of song and, finally, still allowing simplicity to stir the soul, as it so often does." explains Katie.

Written by Katie with Chambers & Lauren Christy, the first single 'The Flood' was released on 17 May 2010. 'The Flood' was one of the songs that enticed William Orbit out of his self-imposed retirement as a producer: "I was captivated by Katie's voice when I first heard her demos in October last year and, although not having been involved in record production for some time, felt that I just had to work with her. It turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and a pleasure from start to finish." recalls William. "When I first started working with Katie, I posted on Twitter that there was some pure magic about the sessions. As the album progressed I felt this magical quality more and more and I believe that the record that she has made is very special indeed."

A second single "A Happy Place" was released in July 2010, featuring a remix of the track by Sparks.