Album lyrics Katie Melua

Release date: October 2007

Pictures is the third album by Georgian-born British jazz and blues singer Katie Melua, and was released on October 1, 2007. It was released in the USA on May 5th, 2009, with a different album cover.

It was the last of her albums in collaboration with Mike Batt as a creative team. "We knew it was the last album we would write together, at least for a while", said Katie at the time. "We both felt three was enough and I need to go and further explore my identity as an artist, and Mike has other projects he wants to do, too. These albums have very much been a double act - a trilogy of collaborations if you like. A chapter in our ongoing relationship."

The album features Melua's friend Molly McQueen, the former frontwoman of The Faders, as co-writer of "Perfect Circle". Melua also collaborated with Andrea McEwan on the album, who wrote the lyrics for "What I Miss About You" and "Dirty Dice". The album also featured a cover of "In My Secret Life" by Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson. Melua said of the cover, "[It] completely got to me, about how we all have great ideals but in reality we end up conforming, following everyone else."

Melua released four singles from the album: "If You Were a Sailboat", "Mary Pickford", "If the Lights Go Out", and "Ghost Town". "Mary Pickford", written by Mike Batt, was about the silent film star of the same name. "Ghost Town" was Melua's first reggae sounding song.

The iTunes release includes a bonus track, "Under the Cherry Moon".

The Japanese release also contains extra tracks, "When You Taught Me How to Dance" and "Closest Thing to Crazy (acoustic version)".

In the USA, the Target store release had four extra live tracks:

1. "The Closest Thing to Crazy"
2. "Nine Million Bicycles"
3. "Piece by Piece"
4. "Thank You, Stars"