Album lyrics Katie Melua

Release date: September 2013

Ketevan is the sixth studio album by British singer-songwriter Katie Melua, released on September 16, 2013 (Katie's 29th birthday) through Dramatico Records. The first single from 'Ketevan' (which is Katie's Georgian birth name) is 'I Will Be There' which was premiered at the Coronation Gala, at Buckingham Palace on July 11, 2013. A beautiful tribute to a protective matriarchal figure, the song was written by Katie's longtime collaborator Mike Batt on commission from the palace.

The song is a good introduction to a personal record that sees Katie return to songwriting, and working with Batt and two new collaborators, Mike's son Luke (who has co-produced the album) and Toby Jepson. "It is great to be back in the studio with Mike, one of the greatest songwriters alive, who has penned some timeless new songs, and to be back writing myself. Luke and Toby brought a new dynamic to the studio... I love the creative spark that happens when the right group of people come together."

Katie's unique and astonishing voice, with a maturity and richness that has developed over the last decade, narrates tales of love and life. Having enjoyed such success with her previous albums what does Katie hope to achieve with 'Ketevan'? "I hope people enjoy the songs, the variety of ideas on this record, with romance, melancholia and a few retro inspired jazz songs. We probably don't listen to albums in the same way we used to but I hope the full spectrum of this album gets appreciated."