Safe Travels
Album lyrics Jukebox The Ghost

Release date: June 12, 2012

Label: Yep Roc Records

Produced by: Dan Romer, Jukebox The Ghost

Safe Travels is the third studio album by Brooklyn-based rock band, Jukebox The Ghost, released on June 12, 2012 via Yep Roc Records. The album was recorded with producer Dan Romer and Tommy Siegel credited him with finally capturing the band's dynamic on record.

Siegel said that on past albums, he and Ben Thornewill have crafted songs based on fictional characters and events, but Safe Travels is a departure from that. "This record has a lot of songs that are directly from our own life experience. Whether they are journalistically accurate or not, probably not, but they come from something in our lives, not something we're imagining."


Album cover

Jukebox The Ghost Safe Travels album cover