Love And Hate
Album lyrics Joan Osborne

Release date: April 08, 2014

Label: Womanly Hips Records, Entertainment One U.S.

Produced by: Joan Osborne, Jack Petruzzelli

Love And Hate is the eighth studio album by American singer-songwriter Joan Osborne, released on April 8, 2014 through Womanly Hips Records and Entertainment One U.S.. The album was co-produced by Osborne and Jack Petruzzelli. It features instrumental contributions from Wilco guitarist Nels Cline and Spin Doctors drummer Aaron Comess, and backup vocals by Gail Ann Dorsey, Catherine Russell and Ollabelle member Amy Helm.

Speaking about the album in a press release, Osborne explained: "I feel like each song on this album talks about a different aspect of love. Love isn't just one thing; it encompasses faith, passion, power struggles, humor, anguish, spirituality, lust, anger, everything on that spectrum. The people we love can bring out the very best and the absolute worst in us, because the leap that you make in trusting another person makes you vulnerable. When the endorphin rush of falling in love stops, that's when the difficult work comes in. So I tried to come up with songs that were about different aspects of this continuum. These songs were very influenced by things outside of the music world—poetry, film, short stories—that I felt had nailed truths about romantic love that I hadn't heard a lot in popular music. The depictions of romantic love in blues and soul and pop music are usually either about the high of falling in love, the pain of being abandoned, or the power politics of breaking up with someone and kicking them to the curb. But in adult lives we seldom have the luxury of just saying 'Alright, this isn't working for me so I'm out of here.' Most people's situations lie somewhere between those extremes, and the challenge of navigating and surviving these situations is something that I wanted to reflect in these songs."

"I feel like this record is like the novel that sat in the author's drawer for 50 years," stated Osborne. "More than any record I've ever done, it felt like it needed the time to change and evolve and become what it was supposed to be. Whenever you make a record, there's always an element of uncertainty, of not knowing how people are going to receive it, and that was really amplified in this case because of the time element. But I felt like I had to keep going, so we just kept taking the next step and kept moving until it arrived at the place it had to be."

Album cover

Joan Osborne Love And Hate album cover