A Way To See In The Dark
Album lyrics Jason Gray

Release date: September 2011

A Way To See In The Dark is the sixth studio album and third major label release by American contemporary Christian singer-songwriter Jason Gray, released on September 13, 2011 through Centricity Music. It was produced by Jason Ingram and Rusty Varencamp, the same production team from his previous release, Everything Sad Is Coming Untrue.

In writing songs for this album, Gray took a less structured approach than previous projects. "I used to begin with a theme and write songs around it," Gray relates. "This time around I just wrote whatever came and the themes emerged after the fact. A lot of the songs have to do with fear - that we aren't enough, or that maybe God isn't in control. I think one of things I'm trying to say with this record is that all of our fear, regret, and shame is answered in God's love for us, His heart towards us. Fear loses its hold of me when I'm confident of God's love for me and that He is in control. He's always at work and especially in the most difficult things I experience. None of it is beyond His reach to redeem."