I Am Mountain
Album lyrics Gungor

Release date: September 2013

I Am Mountain is the fourth studio album by musical collective Gungor, released on September 24, 2013 through Hither & Yon. The album was produced by Michael Gungor.

Speaking about the album, Michael said, "There's that sense of searching, wandering and loss within all these songs. On the other side of that, there's a rebirth of hope and life within that. There's a freedom and embrace of mystery and the unknown, and finding a joy and childlikeness within that."

"I recently had the best meal of my life, an eight-course Japanese/sushi thing," said Michael, "and just the balance of the plates they'd bring and how they handled each of the flavors after the next to build to something, it was amazing. That's how I wanted to approach this record... To have a palate cleanser when it's needed, something easy to go down, a breath for a second when things get too dark or heavy. Any good film, meal, symphony, album, whatever, has those kinds of moments that allow you to breathe."


Album cover

Gungor I Am Mountain album cover