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Release date: September 2012

Fearless is the fourth studio album by Christian group, Group 1 Crew, released on September 10, 2012. As noted by Blanca and Manwell, the title and theme of the record, Fearless, arose from a turbulent period for the group. While creating the album, they faced numerous challenges including evolving from a trio to a duo, the passing of Blanca's father and learning how to balance newlywed life with a heavy touring schedule. Blanca and Manwell confronted these tests and have emerged stronger than ever before. Fearless takes listeners on a lyrical journey through the truths that they faced over the past couple years.

"Group 1 Crew has been through so much in these last two years and I truly feel that all of the experiences and emotions from that period are captured in every track on Fearless. Whether it was marriage, loss, transition in our group or new beginnings, all of them had a part in this new album. God has shown me in this chapter of life that no matter what the journey may look like, He is there and will never leave me or forsake me. So as I continue on this journey of life, I'll strive more and more each day to live Fearless," Blanca comments.

"In making this record, we dug deep into the God of our universe and found that he had us exactly where he wanted us, even if we couldn't see it. He was telling us we had nothing to fear. So we made a record that reflected that exact revelation: Fearless," added Manwell.


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