Album lyrics Groove Coverage

Release date: November 2002

Covergirl is the first album of the German trance group Groove Coverage, released in November 2002. It features the 2 singles "Moonlight Shadow" and "God is a Girl" in both radio edit and ballad form. The Radio Edit of "God is a Girl" is a hidden track at the end of the album. The album features a few ballads and dance tracks.

Both Melanie Munch and Verena Rehm provide vocals together for most songs, except for "Lullaby for Love" which is a Verena solo, and "Moonlight Shadow" which is a Mell solo with Verena providing the piano in the piano version. "Are You Ready" and "The Beat Just Goes" are club tracks, neither of which Mell or Verena provide vocals for.

The Asian reissue of the dance act's hit 2002 debut album includes a bonus disc with 14 remixes of the singles, 'The End' (Radio Edit, Extended Mix, Special D Remix, Axel Konrad Remix, & Brooklyn Bounce Remix), 'God Is A Girl' (Radio Edit, Album Version, Extended Version, Axel Conrad Remix, & Rocco Remix), & 'Moonlight Shadow' (Radio Version, Original Radio Edit, Extended Version, & Rocco Remix).