Do It In The AM
Album lyrics Frankmusik

Release date: September 2011

Do It in the AM is the second studio album by English recording artist Frankmusik, released on September 26, 2011 in the UK and September 27 in the US.

Upon comparing Do It in the AM to his debut album, 2009's Complete Me, Frankmusik stated, "It's a different record, I'll give you the heads up. [...] You're looking at me in a completely different place now, internally and externally. I was in London and I didn't know what I was doing. I was just starting out and there was a real rawness to that record. This new record has got a bit more finesse to it. It's got a bit of an American twang to it, 'cause fuck it; I'm in America. What do you expect? Complete Me had a bit of that London, kind of edgy, alternative feel to it. So I've tried to progress; I've finessed the songwriting, the songs are a lot more punchy. They're a bit more concise. So when people are gonna say it isn't me, "Frankmusik sold out," I'll just say "No, Frankmusik got more fucking concise," and they can suck a dick."

In that same interview, he also stated that "there's a lot of 'twinsies' kind of tracks on the album. I have, like, this one week of being in this one particular zone, into this one sound, so there's a lot of tracks that are kind of like grouped." He cited "The Fear Inside" and another song off the album, "Running", as prime examples of this concept.


Album cover

Frankmusik Do It In The AM album cover