Anywhere But Home
Album lyrics Evanescence

Release date: November 2004

Anywhere but Home is the first live album and DVD by the rock band Evanescence, released in 2004. It includes all four of their Fallen music videos, an hour of behind the scenes features, and a recording of a concert at Le ZĂ©nith in Paris. It also includes a previously unreleased song on the CD, titled "Missing" (which also plays during the DVD credits); while placed at the end of the disc, the CD insert shows it as track eight however it is actually track 14 and incorrectly labeled "Whisper".

In December 2004, Trevin and Melanie Skeens of Maryland, who had bought the album for their thirteen-year-old daughter, filed a class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart after hearing the word 'fuck' spoken during the song "Thoughtless", a cover of a Korn song. The lawsuit claimed that while the album contained this explicit word, there was no Parental Advisory sticker on the package. It also claimed that this album violated Wal-Mart's policy of not stocking music with explicit lyrics, and that the company had to be aware of the problem because the word was dubbed out of a free sample on the website. The lawsuit was resolved by court order of a deal which would allow those people who bought the album at a Maryland Wal-Mart location to receive a refund. Some copies have the Parental Advisory notice, yet other copies are still sold without it now.

A secret performance of "Bring Me to Life" in Las Vegas, Nevada can be found on the DVD's main menu by moving the cursor to the largest thorn on the left-hand side of the screen. The band symbol then becomes visible. When selected, this will take you to the hidden footage.