Still Crazy
Album lyrics Evan Westerlund

Release date: September 2010

Still Crazy is the second album from Canadian/Swedish country artist Evan Westerlund, released on Sepetember 29, 2010.

The record is a collection of 11 new songs laced with great guitar licks, pedal steel melancholy, heavy drum beats and dancing piano. All of this is done in a way that graciously opens up passage for hammering home the emotion of the lyrics in every song. For those engaged to really tune into this record, it's one song after another of storytelling that will move you to hit the gas pedal, play air guitar, laugh, dream, wonder, smile, dance, identify with characters, hit rewind, and do it all over again. All songs on Still Crazy are written by Westerlund along with a few select co-writers (Johan Ensgtröm, Johan Hallström, Patrik Lorentzson, Martin Lorentzson & Fredrik Silfverberg) in his new hometown, of Malmö, Sweden.

"I want my listeners to identify, feel, and relate with the characters in the songs through the lyrics and emotion of the music. When I write, I am always looking to create lines that make sense for the listener to nearly become the character, depending on their current life situation of course. I aim hard for lines that are contextually in order, realistic, sometimes a bit outlandish, but always aimed at the title.

Kisses Won't Cut It is an off-the-cuff speed dating experience. Still Crazy portrays a the main character's emotions during an unexpected encounter with a lost love. Can't Stop Wonderin' works over trepidation, infatuation, and the wind up to falling in love and being taken by surprise. Waitin' for My Train' is a song about waiting to die. Sounds serious, but it's an uptempo, light-hearted traditional country song that could be about as close a song to the character of my father as I might imagine.

I think the 11 songs balance a good package of endearment, fear, fun, and melancholy, and straight ahead honky-tonk. Most important for me has been to progress as a writer, and bring the songs to life in the right energy, as it sounds sin my head." - Evan

Recorded at Inlight Recording Studio in Hendersonville, Tennessee (situated just of Johnny Cash Boulevard) the tracking sessions were done in a large recording room with high ceilings, plenty of room sound for the drums, separate isolation booths for amplifiers, acoustic guitars, and grand piano. Engineered by Jimmy Tarbutton (J.J. Cale, Oak Ridge Boys, Chely Wright), and co-produced by Evan, Larry Marrs and the band.

All songs were tracked live over 2 days with the entire band, with spontaneous arrangement changes on the fly and additional piano/keyboard & guitar parts overdubbed on-the-spot. Harmony vocals, fiddle & mandolin overdubs were done at Marrs Recording Studio.

"It was a collaborative effort, really. Everyone had input for how the songs turned out and I really appreciated their dedication to making as good a record as possible. On the first tracking day we had a situation where the hard-drive was full which set us back a couple of hours. We took an early lunch, and while eating some giant barbecued hamburgers, James Mitchell leaned over and said (...hey, don't you worry about the time...we are all for making the best record we can, so we'll put in the extra time if we need to. We'll get it done right...nothing extra for that...). He had seen that I was a bit worried at the time racing past. This kind of professional & committed attitude inspires me. We went in after lunch and just let it burn. It was fantastic! Nobody looked at the clock. We just hunkered down and got the work done, with no rushing things, no lapses in quality. Truly awe-inspiring attitudes & talent!" - Evan


Album cover

Evan Westerlund Still Crazy album cover