Burn The Sky Down
Album lyrics Emma Hewitt

Release date: May 2012

Burn The Sky Down is the debut solo album by Australian singer, songwriter, and vocalist Emma Hewitt released on May 18, 2012. The album was produced by Lee Groves.

Explaining why she chose the album title, Emma said: "For me music has always been the light that can burn through the dark times. The title 'Burn The Sky Down' sums up the passion I feel for music, and the way I believe songs can change the way you view things, songs really can ignite a fire within someone, and change the way our memories are shaped so for me, 'Burn The Sky Down' was an evocative image as to how we can punch holes in the darkness with our passion, which is for me music, and light our own way…"


Album cover

Emma Hewitt Burn The Sky Down album cover