Fight Or Flight
Album lyrics Emily Osment

Release date: October 2010

Fight or Flight is the debut studio album by American pop singer-songwriter Emily Osment. The album was released in Canada on September 28, 2010, and in the US October 5, 2010 by Wind-Up Records. She has worked with producers from her previous musical efforts such as Matthew Bair, as well as Toby Gad, Nellee Hooper and Mandi Perkins. Fight or Flight mainly draws from the genre of dance-pop while incorporating electropop, and containing dancehall and techno, among other influences. Osment co-wrote all of the songs on the album.

When asked about the title of the album, Osment stated: "Fight or Flight is a reaction that we have when faced with fear. It's an uncontrollable, spontaneous reaction when faced with something you're really afraid of. I've always loved that concept that your brain and your body take over, and when it came to this record I started listening to more diverse, different types of bands and I wanted to do what I wanted to do, and I was fighting what I was writing in the past and whatever thoughts anybody else might have, and working to write the music that I love."

The album has received generally positive reviews from critics, with most stating it is an improvement from her debut effort All the Right Wrongs. Fight or Flight peaked at number ten in Brazil, making the album Osment's first top ten hit. The album peaked at number seventy-two in Spain and debuted in the US at number 170 on the Billboard 200 chart. It also obtained the second highest slot in the US Billboard's Top Heatseekers album chart.

The album contained the single "Let's Be Friends". "Let's Be Friends" debuted and peaked at number twenty-four in the Billboard Japan Hot 100 chart, making the song Osment's first top-thirty hit as a single and her most successful single to date. In addition, the single was also successful in Germany, peaking at number sixty-seven and remained in the German chart for over six weeks.


Album cover

Emily Osment Fight Or Flight album cover