The Weary Wake Up
Album lyrics Eliza Lynn

Release date: October 2007

"The Weary Wake Up" is Eliza Lynn's sophomore album, released in 2007 by Civility Records. Her greatest influence to the direction of the album came from Asheville local producers Danny Kadar (My Morning Jacket, The Avett Brothers) and Mike Alexander. Says Eliza of the recording sessions "they brought so much creativity to the table in doses of pop, R and B and soul - and I ate it all up!"

From the banjo-picking RnB influenced "Conrad" to the soulful brass infused "Get On Up" to the bluesy ragtime piano driven "A Valley Ahead", one constant remains: the sultry voice of a woman that has traveled the world but found her home in North Carolina. "It is a wonderfully collaborative community and I am deeply grateful to live here." says Eliza about Asheville.


  • 1.Circle
  • 2.Hold My Breath
  • 3.Conrad
  • 4.How Many Times
  • 5.Intolerance Blues
  • 6.Bound
  • 7.Stared At Me
  • 8.Get On Up
  • 9.Puddin' Pie
  • 10.Weary
  • 11.Wake Up
  • 12.A Valley Ahead

Album cover

Eliza Lynn The Weary Wake Up album cover