Nothing Is Wasted
Album lyrics Elevation Worship

Release date: February 2013

Nothing Is Wasted is the fifth album by Elevation Worship, released on February 19, 2013. Nothing Is Wasted is a double album with two iterations of the same songs – The Experience, which was recorded live at a night of worship with the people of their church, and The Sessions, a studio version of the same songs.

The songs from Nothing Is Wasted were birthed out of Greater, a book written by Pastor Steven Furtick. Greater is based on the life of Elisha, one of the greatest prophets in all of Scripture. Elisha's story, and the message of the book, is a call to follow Jesus as we lay our lives down to make Him greater. And that is the theme of this album, as each chapter of the book has a corresponding song inspired by that chapter. While this project stands alone as a worship album, there is an even deeper experience readers of the book will have while listening to these 12 songs.

"We have seen God do the impossible in our church time and time again, and we consider it such an honor to give voice through these songs to the great things He has done," says Worship Pastor Wade Joye. "Our prayer is that all who hear this project will be inspired to believe that the Lord can do the same in their own lives and churches."


Album cover

Elevation Worship Nothing Is Wasted album cover