New York At Dawn
Album lyrics Elbow Bones And The Racketeers

Release date: June 1983

New York At Dawn is the first and only studio album by American group Elbow Bones And The Racketeers, created by August Darnell, released in 1983. The album features lyricist Debbie Clarkin and Frank 'Pago Pago' Passalacqua – lead singer with Gichy Dan. Additional musicians include the Coconuts Carol Coleman, Ken Fradely and Lee Robertson.


  • 1.A Night In New York
  • 2.Other Guys
  • 3.Happy Times
  • 4.Our Love Will Always Stand
  • 5.Happy Birthday, Baby
  • 6.Mama's In Love Again
  • 7.I Got You
  • 8.I Call It Like I See It
  • 9.I Belong To You
  • 10.You Got Me High

Album cover

Elbow Bones And The Racketeers New York At Dawn album cover