Album lyrics Eastern Conference Champions

Release date: July 2007

Ameritown is the debut album by indie rock band Eastern Conference Champions, produced by British producer Owen Morris. It was released on July 17, 2007 through Suretone Records, an imprint of Geffen Records.

Ameritown showcases the band's variety in songwriting and crystallizes all the elements that create the ECC sound. Simple piano and marching-band drum rudiments exist next to distorted barre chords. Josh's distinct voice and original melodies create hooks that soar to anthem-like proportions on "Single Sedative" and the crowd-rousing "Yuppy Hipster." Vern's bass dynamism and Greg's driving beats, which called "spot on," create a captivating whole throughout the album. Songs range from the lilting and lullaby-like "The Box" and "Some Sorta Light," to the deeply complex and passionate musical assaults of "Noah" and "Nice Clean Shirt." The secret weapon of the record seems to be Josh's lyrics, which can seamlessly flip from showing compassion to being completely heartless.