Following Sea
Album lyrics DEUS

Release date: June 2012

Following Sea is the seventh studio album from the Belgian band dEUS, released on June 1, 2012. Following Sea was recorded, produced and mixed in bursts of activity following the completion of dEUS's previous album, Keep You Close (October 2011) with producer Adam Noble again at the controls. Following on from the confessional noir of Keep You Close, Following Sea is a lighter and brighter album. Barman joked that, partly, the appearance of the album is "borne out of shame after delivering only nine songs for Keep You Close in two years" but the quick writing and recording process was directly responsible for a clutch of songs on the album including "The Give Up Gene" and "Sirens" whilst lending new impetus to other songs that came to the process as sketches or jams.


Album cover

DEUS Following Sea album cover