Serpents Of Reformation
Album lyrics David Childers

Release date: August 26, 2014

Label: Ramseur Records

Produced by: Robert Childers, Neal Harper

Serpents Of Reformation is the thirteenth studio album by North Carolina based singer-songwriter David Childers, released on August 26, 2014 through Ramseur Records. Childers usually tracks his records live, with minimal overdubs, but this time, he let his son Robert Childers and co-producer Neal Harper control the creative process.

"This is an accidental gospel record," said Childers. "It's a contemplation of my beliefs and people can react as they see fit. I've had experiences that let me know there's a positive force in my life that's carried me through some hard times. Maybe its just good luck, but to me, it's beyond explanation, although I do know it gets better when I open myself up to the positive things in the world."


Album cover

David Childers Serpents Of Reformation album cover