Pursue Me
Album lyrics Danielle Rose

Release date: July 2009

Before leaving her career as a musical missionary and following God's call to enter religious life in a Franciscan Charismatic Religious community, The Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, Danielle Rose (now Sister Rose Thérèse, DLJC) had a desire to record one last CD to offer to those discerning their own vocation in the Church. To help sharpen the vision for each person, Danielle asked that this recorded collection be given as a free gift to help those discerning the priesthood or religious life. Vocation offices across the country are being being offered complimentary copies from World Library Publications, which produced the CD, to distribute for that purpose. In addition, 100% of the royalties from the sales of this CD will be directed to support vocations to the priesthood and religious life.

Danielle's insight, prayerful discernment, and joy are reflected clearly in this project. Her music has an intimate quality that calls each person to the heart of God—to rest in the joy and peace that is present in that full awareness. Fr. David Toups, USCCB Secretariat of Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations endorsed the project saying, "Through the example of her own life, Sr. Rose Thérèse (Danielle Rose) models putting one's gifts at the service of the Church. She represents the best of the 'JP II generation' who heard him proclaim over and again, "Be not afraid!" From Abraham to Mary to the disciple of today, she angelically sings of this call. These songs will inspire all discerning God's call in their lives. May her consoling voice and lyrics encourage listeners to say a deeper 'yes' to the Lord."

With a unique blend of southern gospel and bluegrass styles, produced by Jeff Thomas of Nashville, the songs feature Danielle's pure delicate voice, often likened to Alison Krause. Stand out songs include: 'Pursue Me,' 'Abraham's Offering', and 'Gates of Heaven,' an emotionally touching ballad, written by her father Dr. Daniel Skorich and sung with her. In the lyrics he says good bye to his dearly beloved daughter as she leaves home to begin her new life path.

Danielle has included a short summary of her journey to religious life in the liner notes for Pursue Me. She writes:

"All my life, I had been waiting for the perfect man to propose to me. Then one day it happened. It was midnight, and the Year of the Eucharist had just begun. As I was praying before the Blessed Sacrament, I heard an inaudible voice speaking the depths of my heart: 'I want you to be my spouse'. Before I could even think about what was happening, I felt my whole being cry out, 'No!' As soon as I proclaimed what I like to refer to as my 'Denunciation' (in contrast to Mary's 'Yes' at the Annunciation), I immediately became troubled, and 'pondered what sort of greeting this might be.' Did Jesus just propose to me? Did I just say no to God? I was so distressed and perplexed by these possibilities that I decided never to think about it or talk about it ever again to anyone!"