I Thirst
Album lyrics Danielle Rose

Release date: September 2007

I Thirst is the third album by Danielle Rose; the album was her final recording project before joining the religious life as an aspirant with a community of Franciscan Sisters. This album is a musical meditation inspired by the life and prayers of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta. It is said that Christ spoke to the young Mother Teresa of his thirst for souls, and asked if she would be his light to the poor. This became her sole motivation for serving the poor - to quench Christ's thirst for souls. After learning the truth of Mother Teresa's spiritual struggles after founding the Missionaries of Charity, Danielle found strength and inspiration in the story of how she was united not only to Christ's thirst on the cross, but also to the loneliness and desolation of the poor whom she served. Danielle reflects on this mystery and wants people to know that "Jesus thirsts for you."