American Junkyard
Album lyrics Brian Burns

Release date: June 2009

American Junkyard is the sixth studio album by Brian Burns, released in 2009. Speaking about the meaning behind the album's title Burns said: "The American Junkyard is America herself, from sea to shining sea. Maybe more to the point, it is those parts of her that we've swept under the rug, discarded, forgotten, forsaken, or otherwise dismissed. It is the people we no longer pay attention to because they're not wealthy, pretty, cool, loud, black, white, or possessing of whatever trait we value in any given month. It is the music we no longer hear over the white noise: yesterday's singer, yesterday's song - irrelevant. It is the merchandise we purchased some time ago; we wanted it at the time, but now the neighbors have better merchandise, and we must strive to keep up."


Album cover

Brian Burns American Junkyard album cover