Our God Is Near
Album lyrics Brenton Brown

Release date: March 2011

Our God Is Near is the third solo album from Christian songwriter and worship leader, Brenton Brown, released on March 22, 2011. Produced by Jason Ingram and Rusty Varenkamp, Our God Is Near features the musical collaboration of Brenton and his band of brothers—Daniel Ornellas, Scotty Murray and Ben Showalter, collectively known as the Worship Republic.

Talking about the album's title, Brown explained: "Those two ideas seem totally disparate and juxtaposed, like they could never go together, but that's what makes the good news good news. When God is near, things change. He can literally bulldoze the mountains in our lives out of the way if he chooses to. We can't fully understand it, and our language cannot describe it, but peace comes only in the fellowship of suffering. That we can die in him and rise in him confounds the trials of the world. Our music struggles to contain this idea."

Much of the inspiration for the songs comes from what Brenton and his band experiences leading worship at his home church in Malibu, and on the road. "Many of us feel unqualified or unworthy," Brenton says, "that sense of not really up to being a Christian, but there's the Lord throwing open the gate, saying 'If you don't have what it takes, come anyway, I've got something for you. That's God's heart. You don't have to have any qualification, just believe that He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him, and He's there. That's more than enough reason to be joyful. That's what we're saying here."


Album cover

Brenton Brown Our God Is Near album cover