The Mission Field
Album lyrics Blessid Union Of Souls

Release date: March 2011

The Mission Field is the seventh studio album from American rock band, Blessid Union Of Souls, released on March 1, 2011.

"I've always sung about wanting to live right, and with The Mission Field, it's just a matter of taking things one step further and doing in my heart what I'm called to do," says singer Eliot Sloan about their album. "The songs we wrote for our first album Home were particularly strong in that direction, and though there was more of a light-hearted direction in some of the later tracks, the underlying spiritual tone was always there. I wanted to make an album that was closer to our first record musically and lyrically, which really gives The Mission Field a full circle feeling."

"You can never get too close to God, and throughout all of these songs [from The Mission Field], I'm always going in that direction," the leader relates. "All of the pondering and articulating matters of faith on The Mission Field are basically an extension of the ideas I first started exploring on Home, which makes the two records seem like bookends with one another."


Album cover

Blessid Union Of Souls The Mission Field album cover