Album lyrics Big Thief

Release date: June 09, 2017

Label: Saddle Creek Records

Produced by: Andrew Sarlo

Capacity is the second studio album by Brooklyn folk-influenced rock band Big Thief, released on June 9, 2017 through Saddle Creek Records. The album was written by Adrianne Lenker and produced and mixed by Andrew Sarlo.

"I feel like there's a newly instilled sense of calm on "Capacity." I just expanded as a writer, and we expanded more as a band, so it feels a little more vast. There's a broader palette of colors and more intricate colors. It feels like less of a reactionary album; it feels like it's bit wider. There's intensity — just as much if not more darkness, but there's also more light. And more joy felt on this record." - Adrianne Lenker speaking about the difference between their debut and Capacity.


Album cover

Big Thief Capacity album cover