Tonight EP
Album lyrics Big Bang

Release date: February 2011

Tonight is the fourth extended play by the South Korean boy band Big Bang, released under YG Entertainment. It was their first new materials released in South Korea after two-year hiatus as a group. A blend of rock and electronic music, the album became the first K-pop album to reach the top 10 on US iTunes chart and is the only non-English language album in the top 100. Their comeback was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews from various critics.

While writing songs for the then-untitled EP, leader G-Dragon and T.O.P began to break away to collaborate on their GD & T.O.P project. According to G-Dragon, the members were trying new "combination" with their music, in which the vocalists — Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri — were to record their own music as a trio while G-Dragon and T.O.P were to branch off as a duo since they "hadn't been with our fans for the past two years." Although the division of the group was initially for Big Bang's materials only, G-Dragon and T.O.P saw positive response to their materials from the fans and went to Yang Hyun-seok, the CEO of YG Entertainment, to allow the duo to release an album. After promotion for GD & TOP were done, the group reunited to record materials for Tonight; songs from the album have been reportedly recorded variously over the two years span that the group were on hiatus. G-Dragon describes the music from the EP as "very cheerful" in hopes of cheering up their listeners; though the group's previous EPs contained songs that were heavily influenced by electronic music, the group decided to concentrate more on "warm rock music".

"Big Bang's music has been very cheerful and lyrical so far, but this time we added rock. These days, people seem to find something interesting that can make them laugh and it might come from many accidents and incidents that happened last year, so we are going to present warm and cheerful music for those people rather than heavy and electronic music." - G-Dragon


Album cover

Big Bang Tonight EP album cover