Silver Wilkinson
Album lyrics Bibio

Release date: May 2013

Silver Wilkinson is the seventh studio album by electronic musician Bibio, released on May 14, 2013 through Warp Records. The album's name comes from the name of a salmon fishing fly, which the artist's girlfriend showed him; it was originally supposed to be a track title, but he decided to use it for the album's name.

"If there was a preconceived idea before this album started coming together, it was a fairly vague one: to focus more on an organic and live sound and to record more guitar and other live instrumentation," Wilkinson explained. "However, I'm no purist, so I don't restrain myself from taking stylistic diversions, to do so might be to dispose of the unplanned. As a result this album feels to me as eclectic as my previous two albums."

While most of the album was recorded and produced in his home studio, he did use "a 12 string guitar, an MPC sampler, a microphone and a cassette recorder" to record some material in his garden on sunny days.


Album cover

Bibio Silver Wilkinson album cover