Album lyrics Betty Lenard

Release date: March 2010

"Apus" is an album by Betty Lenard, released on March 20, 2010. The album APUS, which was produced by Thomas Geiger in 2009 (the name signifying the constellation of the bird of paradise), showcases 10 Tracks of Thomas and Betty's virtuosic sound. Mastered by none other than Mazen Murad, who has worked for Björk, Elbow and Robbie Williams, among others, Betty Lenard's voice arises at times floatingly and bears above a sea of acoustic and electric instruments. Her lyrics speak of poetic and surrealistic places whose sounds bring to mind wistful longing. Thus Betty Lenard creates a hitherto unheard-of fusion of Electronica, Pop and Folk music whose very own language is so expressed: picturesque scenes for the aural sense.


Album cover

Betty Lenard Apus album cover