Childhood Home
Album lyrics Ben Harper

Release date: May 06, 2014

Label: Prestige Folklore

Produced by: Ben Harper

Childhood Home is the twelfth studio album by American musician Ben Harper in collaboration with his mother Ellen Harper, released on May 6, 2014 under Prestige Folklore. The album was produced by Ben Harper and co-produced by Ethan Allen, Jason Mozersky, Jesse Ingalls and Jimmy Paxson. It was recorded and Mixed by Ethan Allen at The Machine Shop in Santa Monica, California.

"I don't think I've ever felt as strong a sense of accomplishment in a record as this one," said Ben regarding the album. "Maybe it has a little to do with how happy it's made her [Ellen Harper]. We all want to please our moms right? But then if she hadn't been such a talented songwriter, I might have stuck with chocolates. This record isn't an act of faith, it's an act of recognition."


Album cover

Ben Harper Childhood Home album cover