The Break-In
Album lyrics Ari Hest

Release date: May 2007

Ari Hest has completed the recording of his seventh album, The Break-In with producer Mitchell Froom. A single from the album I've Got You was released on Apple's iTunes in January 2007 and the full-length album was released by Columbia in May of that year.

With this new album, Ari Hest builds on the soft-spoken sensibility he established with his 2004 major label debut, Someone To Tell, and sets out in new musical and lyrical directions with an album that showcases both his development as a writer and growth as an artist.

The Break-In, however, offers a new perspective for Hest listeners. "These songs are ultimately hopeful," he explains. "In the end, the predominant message is that I'm going to figure this out and it's going to be OK."