Someone To Tell
Album lyrics Ari Hest

Release date: August 2008

"Someone To Tell" is Ari Hest's major label debut album recorded with producer David Kos Rolfe and released on August 10, 2004, on Columbia Records.

With his new album, Ari comes into his own as an artist with a collection of songs that is emotionally mature and honest, musically sophisticated, and diverse in range, yet consistent in tone and quality. "I wanted to convey what's in my live show on tape," Ari says of the album, which was recorded with producer David Rolfe (who first worked with Ari on Story After Story) and mixing engineer Bruce Witkin at Bruce's Garage Studio in Los Angeles. "I definitely can change from a rock song to a jazz ballad in my sets. I really envy that kind of diversity in my musical heroes."

Stylistic diversity is among the hallmarks of Someone To Tell. From the album's opener--the moody, pulsing ode to paranoia, "They're On To Me" -- to the elegiac, lullaby-like shimmer of the title track that closes the album, Someone To Tell covers a multitude of lyrical and musical moods and observations, ranging from the wry and the witty to the achingly honest. "Everything I write is personal," Ari confesses. "I used to internalize everything, and the songs on this record were and still are my way of working things out of my system - actually speaking up about what I believe in, what I think about myself, and what I think about my environment. I've always found my words and music come out a lot easier when I've actually been through whatever it is I'm writing about."

Comprised of new songs like "Anne Marie" and "A Fond Farewell" as well as reworkings of some of the strongest material from Story After Story, Someone To Tell is a revelation for his fans, and the perfect introduction to the music and artistry of Ari Hest.